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Dr. Roland Meffert
Your Nitro Chiropractor


While doing a mild workout with some weights and pulled a muscle in my upper back.  The pain was excruciating.  For several months, I attempted to deal with the pain without any medical help.  About 6-8 months later I couldn’t stand the discomfort anymore so I went to see my doctor.  He prescribed a regimen of heat and cold packs daily along with some medication to relax the muscles.  The heat and cold numbed the area for a short period of time.  The medication only helped me to sleep through the pain.

After more than a year of suffering, I went to see Dr. Meffert at River City  Chiropractic.  At the time I went for my preliminary exam with Dr. Meffert, I couldn’t  turn my head or look up or down.  X-rays revealed a misaligned spine.  Even to my untrained eye, I could see that there was major problem.  Dr. Meffert took the time to explain the x-rays to me and explained how he would attempt to correct the problem.  Within a matter of weeks, I felt a monumental improvement and I gained back a full range of motion.

But that isn’t the most significant result of my treatment at River City Chiropractic.

For about 15 years, I had been suffering with moderate to severe migraine headaches.  My family doctor referred me to a neurologist who prescribed several medications to control the headaches.  While the mediations helped immensely, they often left me feeling groggy and tired.   The treatment to correct my back problem reduced my migraine headaches significantly.  The headaches I get now are less severe and are much easier to treat.  I have been able to cut back on my migraine medicine quite a bit.  Because the treatments worked so well in reducing my migraines, I referred a friend of mine to Dr. Meffert.  The treatments helped her headaches so much that she referred her dad.

To be treated for a medical problem without expensive medications that often leave a person feeling disconnected and sleepy is wonderful. The cause of the problem was identified, corrected, not simply covered up with unnecessary medication.

I HIGHLY recommend River City Chiropractic

CJ Hartling


I just wanted to write to you and let you know exactly how chiropractic care has helped my son.  He was a sound sleeper and for the 18 months prior coming to you, he was a chronic bed wetter.

I had read that chiropractic care could help, but I really never believed it until he started getting adjusted.  The results were phenomenal.  During the first two weeks of adjustments, he only wet the bed 2 times (normally it would have been 9-10 times).  After that, he never wet bed again.  We had tried everything, cutting out liquids after 6 pm, waking him in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, etc.  You name it, we did it, and nothing worked except chiropractic care.  His sleeping has improved.  He now sleeps very soundly and sleeps all night.

Thank you so much for recommending chiropractic care for my son.


K Miller


Dear Dr. Meffert

I just want to thank you for helping me to eliminate the chronic pain I’ve had in my neck and shoulders for the last two years.

As you know, my job required that I spend many hours a day either working on the computer or talking on my cell phone, both of which kept my neck and head mostly immobile.  After many months of pain, several adjustments by an osteopath, and several prescriptions for muscle relaxers and sedatives, my new primary care physician referred me to you.  He did so with the caution that “all chiropractors are not equal” and that he was sending me to you only because he was certain of your qualifications, integrity, and work ethic.

 I am elated to say that after about only three months of frequent adjustments my pain became manageable, and after another couple of months of less frequent visits, I became essentially pain free.  Given the fact that I was in pain to the point of tears when I first came to you, it seems almost miraculous that I can now say I don’t suffer from that kind of pain at all.  The initial adjustments, some maintenance adjustments, and the exercises you instructed me to do have allowed me to return to a life without physical restrictions, and I’m very grateful to you for that.

I also appreciate the thorough evaluation and consultation you initially conducted, as well as the professionalism you and your staff consistently offer patients.  I wish you continued success in helping others eliminate pain form their lives.


M Conrad


I suffered from terrible, frequent headaches for years.  After going to multiple doctors who provided prescription treatments but no relief, I finally decided to see a chiropractor and found Dr. Meffert.  I now only have occasional headaches, and I no longer have to take prescription medications. His treatments have worked wonders for me!!!

Both of my young sons had repeated ear infections.  I worried about the amount of antibiotics they were receiving, and didn't want them to have tubes surgically placed in their ears.  I have to admit, I was skeptical at first.  However, both of my boys have seen improvement after treatment from Dr. Meffert.  No more ear infections, and no more antibiotics!!

- Melinda O.

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